Rhythmic Gymnastics Toronto

What is Rhythmic Gymnastics ?
Rhythmic Gymnastics is poetry in motion—using our bodies’ to their fullest extent, rhythmic gymnastics combines athletic and artistic skill into a discipline that requires the utmost in physical ability and mental concentration. Equal parts challenging and mesmerizing, rhythmic gymnastics is a sport that combines elements of gymnastics and dance seamlessly into a performance that defines categorization; it is truly the beautiful sport.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Toronto

Patricia Bezzoubenko

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a sport that combines the mastery of many skills—physical skills such as flexibility, strength, agility and coordination combined with mental skills such as discipline, patience, teamwork, artistic expression and creativity. The gaining of these skills is immensely beneficial to the growth and development of the young girls that participate in the sport. Most of all, rhythmic gymnastics gives our gymnasts a sense of purpose and accomplishment through the continual improvement and refinement of their skills repertoire, enabling them to reach greater heights and achieve their personal best—both within the sport and in life.

The National Rhythmic Gymnastics Centre is proud to provide the opportunity for young girls to participate and get involved in the sport of rhythmic gymnastics in Toronto. Our team of coaches, choreographers and athletes has worked tirelessly over the last two decades in order to provide the ideal learning environment in which our gymnasts can receive the very best in coaching and training. Their endless passion and dedication to our cause is the core to our success.

The Excellence RG Program

For parents that desire their children to be more active, as well as participate in a supplementary sport in order to develop healthy habits for the future, the recreational section is a great option. Rhythmic Gymnastics is the perfect way for young children to build confidence, teamwork, flexibility, and coordination among many other skills. Most importantly, it provides a fun and encouraging environment that is great for meeting new friends while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle at a young age.

The Excellence RG program works with participants as young as age 5—making it the perfect program to see if rhythmic gymnastics is the right fit early on in a child’s development. This program allows for the building of a healthy community with healthy, active children—setting up and developing great habits and active lifestyles for our nation’s future.

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More About Our Gymnastics Programs
Happy Ribbon Gymnastics Program

The National Rhythmic Gymnastics Centre is currently developing two programs in order to expand the reach of rhythmic gymnastics in the community; through these two programs, we hope to maximize the availability of the sport to everyone. Our Excellence RG program and Happy Ribbon program are currently in development with the intention of making sure everyone will be able to participate, regardless of their intentions in the sport, or restrictions brought on by any financial or physical difficulties. We want rhythmic gymnastics to be accessible for everyone and at all skill levels—and we believe that these two programs are a step in the right direction.

To see if the Happy Ribbon program is the right fit, head over to the Happy Ribbon section of our website here.

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