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Rhythmic Gymnastics Toronto CoachesHere at the National Rhythmic Gymnastics Centre, we understand that rhythmic gymnastics is judged on the performance of an individual or a group—but the work done to properly prepare the gymnasts to successfully seize that opportunity consists of a large committee. This committee or team consists of coaches, choreographers and athletes—all with the gymnasts’ best interests in mind, with the collective goal of helping our athletes reach their maximum potential through proper coaching and training. Thankfully, we have one of the top talents of rhythmic gymnastics coaching in Canada in order to make all of this possible—our head coach, Svetlana Joukova.

Svetlana is a prominent member of the Canadian and international rhythmic gymnastics community—she is a Level 4 NCCP Coach, and regularly qualifies both Individual gymnasts and Groups for Elite Canada, Canadian Championships, National Teams, and international assignments. As an RG Brevet judge, she is regularly invited to judge Canadians as one of two Ontario judges, whilst also representing Canada on her international judging assignments.

Svetlana plays a lead role in the Ontario Junior Group Development Program, and her Senior Group performed exceptionally at the recent World Championships in Mie, Japan. She is the current national Chair of the Rhythmic Technical Committee, and has previously been the Provincial Judging chair.

Svetlana - A great asset!

Rhythmic Gymnastics Toronto Coaches

The greatest asset that Svetlana brings to our team is her understanding of the big picture—her ability to recognize and take advantage of professional development opportunities for our athletes, coaches and judges is simply unmatched. She is happy to share her wisdom and knowledge gained from international competitions and seminars with coaches and judges in order to put our athletes in the best possible position to succeed. Rhythmic Gymnastics Toronto Coaches
She has repeatedly and consistently demonstrated a proven capacity to improve athletic performance at all levels, and rhythmic gymnastics is all the better with her continual involvement and efforts to improve the sport.
Simply put, with her wealth of experience and knowledge, there is no one better suited to training our athletes to be Canada’s representatives for Rhythmic Gymnastics in Olympic Games and other national and international competition.

Svetlana’s immense dedication to rhythmic gymnastics training has enabled our gymnasts to surpass all expectations, as evident by their regular involvement in Rhythmic Gymnastics for Pan–American Games and Olympic competition. The National Rhythmic Gymnastics Centre is proud to call Svetlana one of our own, and we place our trust in Svetlana to lead our team and nation to further glory.

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