Happy Ribbon Program
The National Rhythmic Gymnastics Centre is currently developing the Happy Ribbon program in an effort to expand the reach of rhythmic gymnastics to everyone who is interested, regardless of limitations created by financial or other situations. The Happy Ribbon program is designed specially for families that may be experiencing financial hardships and cannot afford to pay the full fees and for expenses such as gym apparatuses; the Happy Ribbon program aids families in paying the necessary fees in order to allow all participants to enjoy and partake in rhythmic gymnastics. We know that gymnastic ability is not determined by money, but rather by the innate talent of our gymnasts, combined with practice and training at a young age. We want to be able to provide that vital education in rhythmic gymnastics for everyone who is interested. The second portion of our Happy Ribbon program deals with children with disabilities. We believe that we can bring joy and happiness into the lives of children with various difficulties through providing a positive environment. Through the use of colourful hoops, shiny ribbons and other apparatuses, participants in the Happy Ribbon program can have a good time while building confidence and physical improvement in an entertaining manner. Our coaches will create certain programs depending on the unique nature of each participant, maximizing our ability to assist in their physical and mental development; ultimately, the Happy Ribbon program intends to build confidence, hope and love amongst our participants—something that goes a long way towards providing a healthy and active lifestyle, regardless of limitations.
Happy Ribbon Gymnastics ProgramHelp Us Help You
In order for the Happy Ribbon program to become a reality, we need your help. If you are interested in signing up for the Happy Ribbon program, please let us know—with enough support, this program will allow rhythmic gymnastics to be available to everyone, regardless of their current situation. We aim to provide a fun and healthy learning environment for children coming from all situations and backgrounds to develop lifelong skills such as confidence, teamwork and persistence—we just need your support to make it happen.